Thursday, December 13, 2012

Introducing.... Leah Perlman

So while I had just received Sarah (the Red head) in November, today I was able to open one of my Hanukkah presents- and this is who I found.

Her name is Leah Perlman. She has blonde, curly hair and blue eyes. Her ancestry is Eastern European Jewish, but she lives in Israel now. Leah is very shy but very sweet. She likes almost everyone she meets, and despite being an introvert, she has a lot of friends. Leah is very close to Esther as they both have a lot in common, including their favorite color: Pink! But Leah also enjoys listening to Chaya and her interesting facts an stories.

Thursday, November 22, 2012


So, Tuesday was my 17th birthday! And my lovely baby sister got me a new Gali Girl.She has red, wigged hair and dark blue eyes. Her skin is a paler hue.
I'll post a review of her later when I will be able to spend some time on my collection.
Right now I'm stuck on deciding a name for her. I'm thinking Sarah, but it's subject to change. I'm thinking. of making her British or Irish.

What you do guys think?

A Couple of Old Photos

These are some old photos of Chaya, taken last year (early September, 2011). She is wearing a skirt from American Girl, a long sleeved T-shirt from Michael's, and a tank top which I made myself.
In the other two photos, she is wearing the blue skirt from Gali Girls that she came in.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Awaiting the Storm

Later this evening we are anticipating Hurricane Sandy hitting us. In preparation, Chaya and Esther have spent the entire day posing for the camera. Typically, the two of them don't get along too well (they are polar opposites of each other; Esther is unpredictable and intuitive, Chaya is more logical and conformist). Regardless, they managed to put their differences aside and had a enjoyable afternoon with each other. 

                                                 One of my favorite group photos of them! 

Today is Sunday, and yesterday Chaya and Esther had both changed out of their "Meet" outfits and into their better Shabbat clothes. Esther wore Miriam's outfit, which was slightly surprising because Esther simply adores pink, floral tones and other light hues. Despite being very picky when it comes to clothes, she had to agree with everyone that mauve and brown looks simply gorgeous on her!
Chaya wore blue- her favorite color! Her outfit did seem better fit for spring weather, and not so much for this cold October morning, but regardless, Chaya looked equally gorgeous as Esther.

                               Simple, Yet Cute

Of course, nothing completes the look more than the HAIR! With the help of Esther, Chaya was able to style a sophisticated and easy hair style that fit her perfectly. Because their hair is rooted synthetic, it was treated differently from an American Girl and other 18" dolls. I used a spray bottle to wet their hair, and then used a plastic-toothed hairbrush (the same one I use for my hair) to comb it. As I previously mentioned, Lotus Onda dolls have rooted hair; meaning, just like most rooted hair wigs, they can easily get bald spots when you style their hair. Chaya and Esther have different types of hair (Esther's is textured) and they have bald spots in different areas. For Chaya's hair, I simply took the front strand of hair on both sides of her face, and clipped it back. She has a bald spot close to the hair line, if you look closely enough at the photo you might see it. However, it is not too noticeable and I am overall very happy with how her hair turned out.

Our Newest Member! Esther's hair, however, was only brushed and cleaned. After attempts of braids and pigtails, Esther decided to go natural. Her hair is textured differently from Chaya's (obviously), and I'm content with the ponytail she came with. Esther is my newest addition to my blooming collection; I received her August 21st, and I have very few photographs of her. She has not been changed much, occasionally from the outfit she came in, to the Pink Plaid sweater skirt, and finally to Miriam's outfit. Regardless, she gives a bit of uniqueness to my collection; Esther Abaynesh is one of my favorite dolls. As my second Gali Girl, she adds companionship to Chaya, and I regard her as one of the most beautiful Lotus dolls.

Well, now we are just sitting home and anticipating Sandy. School is cancelled for tomorrow, except I have work. Hopefully it won't become an exact re-run of last year. I'm not gonna be particularly fond of loosing power for 12 days again.